Saturday, Jan 08, 2005 The Tsunami and the Muslim World

AROUND the Islamic world it is common currency that Muslims are perpetual victims of Western and Zionist conspiracies. The bill of particulars includes the handling of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Israel’s inequitable treatment of the Palestinians, and the deaths of thousands of civilians in Iraq – as a result first of United Nations sanctions after the Persian Gulf war, and more recently of the American occupation. The most articulate spokesman of such views is, of course, Osama bin Laden.

Friday, Dec 31, 2004 The War on Terror, 2004

COLLINS: For this week’s “On Terror’s Trail,” we go to Washington where the FBI and Department of Homeland Security sent a new intelligence bulletin this week to the nation’s police agencies. It outlined new details about al Qaeda surveillance inside the United States.An al Qaeda operative, known as Al-Britani, is believed to have cased particular […]

Monday, Dec 27, 2004 Bin Laden Audiotape Dec 27 04

WALLACE: The authenticity of the tape aired by the Arabic language network Al-Jazeera could not be immediately verified. But for more, let’s bring in CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen. Peter, always great to see you. Anything from your initial listening to the tape to give you a sense if it’s authentic or not? PETER BERGEN, […]

On Thursday, Condoleezza Rice, President Bushs national security adviser, is scheduled to testify under oath before the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks. The Op-Ed page invited two people with expertise in terrorism and national security to suggest questions for Dr. Rice. 1. A search of all your public statements and writings reveals that you apparently mentioned Osama bin Laden only once and never mentioned Al Qaeda at all as a threat to the United States before 9/11. Why?

Thursday, Dec 16, 2004 New Bin Laden Tape

For some additional insight, we turn to CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen. He’s here in Washington. And also Nail al-Jubeir. He’s director of information for the embassy of Saudi Arabia here in Washington, as well. Nail, let me begin with you. You obviously speak Arabic. Have you heard this tape? NAIL AL-JUBEIR, DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION, […]

Thursday, Dec 16, 2004 More on the New OBL Tape

Let’s talk about all this now with CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen. He is in Washington this morning.Peter, first your take of the significance of this particular — or this latest bin Laden tape? PETER BERGEN, CNN TERRORISM ANALYST: Well, three things. This is the fastest turnaround that I can call from any bin Laden […]

Sunday, Dec 12, 2004 Al Qaeda and Europe in LA Times

Is Al Qaeda capable of carrying out another Sept. 11 attack in the United States?

The terrorist organization doesn’t appear to have sleeper cells in the country able to perform such a mission, or even capable of launching a smaller-scale operation against a “soft” target such as a mall. If Al Qaeda had this capability, its cells would have attacked either at the beginning of the Iraq war in spring 2003 or during the recent presidential election. Almost without exception, the “terrorism” cases in this country since 9/11 have involved wannabes and malcontents accused of “material support” for terrorism, not planners of terrorist acts. Moreover, to its enormous credit, the Muslim American community since 9/11 has rejected Osama bin Laden’s ideas.

Monday, Dec 06, 2004 Late Edition, Hunt for Bin Laden

Welcome back to “LATE EDITION.” Terrorism fears are running strong with the ongoing violence in Iraq and Osama bin Laden still very much on the loose. Joining us now to help sort out where the war on terror stands, four guests: Michael Scheuer, he’s a former high-ranking CIA analyst, also the author of the best-selling […]

Europe seems increasingly likely to be the target of the next major Qaeda attack, a trend that could intensify when scores of Qaeda-affiliated militants who left European countries to fight in Iraq return home, several top terror analysts said.

Europe is vulnerable in ways that the United States is not, said many of those attending what was described as the largest conference ever on Al Qaeda, the group behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

Peter Bergen*
Fellow, New America Foundation; terrorism analyst, CNN
and author, Holy War Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden

Bruce Hoffman*
Vice President, External Affairs, RAND Corporation; author Inside Terrorism