Aug 08, 2003

Comment regarding Jordan embassy blast

Comment regarding Jordan embassy blastIt's worth noting given the professional nature of the Jordan bomb blast that the attack may well be the work of al Qaeda. Note should be taken of the audiotape released by bin Laden in February which said
"Muslims should mobilize to liberate themselves from the yoke of these apostate regimes, enslaved by America. Among those that should be liberated are Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, the country of the two Holy Mosques (Saudi Arabia) and Yemen."

Since that audiotape was released there have been major attacks by al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and Morocco. There was also a rash of mnior attacks in Pakistan. Now comes the attack on the Jordaninan embassy in Iraq.

Moreover, attacking embassies is an al Qaeda speciality: the Egyptian embassy bombing in Islamabad in 1995; the two US embassy attacks in Africa in 1998 and the thwarted attacks on a variety of western embassies in Singapore following 9/11.

Further, the attack came on the fifth anniversary of the embassy bombings in Africa, themselves timed to coincide with the introduction of US troops into Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield on August 7 1990.