Wednesday, November, 06, 2013

Afghanistan: A Distant War, New America Washington DC

Afghanistan: A Distant War

Renowned photojournalist Robert Nickelsberg has been publishing photographs from Afghanistan since 1988, when he accompanied a group of mujahideen fighters across the border from Pakistan.  The remarkable images he has captured bring into focus the day-to-day consequences of war, poverty, oppression, and political turmoil in Afghanistan – a country few people once thought about, but one that now evokes the deepest of emotions.

In his new book, Afghanistan: A Distant War, Nickelsberg’s stunning photographs are accompanied by insightful texts from experts on Afghanistan and the Taliban, as well as his own extensive commentary.  Timely and important, the book serves as a reminder that Afghanistan and the rest of the world remain inextricably linked, no matter how much we long to separate ourselves from distant realities.

The New America Foundation is pleased to welcome Mr. Nickelsberg for a discussion about the book as he shares some of his favorite photographs and the stories behind them.

Robert Nickelsberg
Photographer, Afghanistan: A Distant War

Peter Bergen
Director, National Security Program