Wednesday, September, 10, 2008

Al Qaeda 3.0: The ‘War on Terror’ Affter the Bush Administration

Russell Senate Office Building, Caucus Room 325, Washington DC




Al Qaeda 3.0

The ‘War on Terror’ after the Bush Administration


New America Foundation and New York University’s Center on Law and Security.

Moderated by Steven Clemons, Director of the American Strategy Program at New America and Karen Greenberg, Executive Director of the Center on Law and Security on October 10, 2008 in Russell Senate Office Building, Caucus Room 325, Washington DC.


8:45 am                     Registration and Arrival

Coffee and Pastries Will Be Available


9:00 am                     Introductory Remarks


9:15 am                     The Future of Al Qaeda


Fran Townsend, Homeland Security Adviser to         President Bush 2004-2008

“Al Qaeda Today and its Impact on the West.”


                                Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown University

                                “Al Qaeda on the March: A Leader-Led Jihad.”


Steve Coll, New America Foundation/New        Yorker 

“Al Qaeda and its Failing States: Pakistan,       Afghanistan and Iraq.”


Peter Bergen, New America Foundation/CNN

                                “What are the Underlying Causes of Violent                                             Sunni Militancy?




10:45 am                   The War of Ideas


                                Lawrence Wright, NYU Center on Law and                                               Security/New Yorker 

                                “Is Al Qaeda Losing the War of Ideas? If so,                                    What Does That Mean for the ‘War on Terror’?”


                                Daniel Kimmage

                                “What is the Role of the Internet for al Qaeda? And                                  How is it Evolving?”


Eliza Griswold, the New America Foundation

“Militant Islam in the Developing World: From Bangladesh to Nigeria.”


Noon                                 Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and

Lunch will be served.          Pakistan


                                Seth Jones, RAND 

                                “Who Exactly are the Taliban? What is Their Order of                                        Battle? And What is Their Relationship to al Qaeda?”


Christine Fair, RAND

“What is Pakistan’s Game Plan in the ‘War on Terror’, Afghanistan and its Federally Administered Tribal Areas?”


Nir Rosen, NYU Center on Law and Security/New America Foundation

“My Encounters with the Taliban and al Qaeda in 2008.”


1:15pm                      Al Qaeda in the Arab World and Europe

                                Abdel Bari Atwan, Editor, Al Quds Al Arabi

                                “Al Qaeda in North Africa and Europe.”


                                Brian Fishman, Combating Terrorism Center at

                                West Point

                                What Led to the Demise of Al Qaeda in Iraq?                                         What Lessons Can We Draw for How Violent                                    Jihadist Groups Fail?”



 Mohammed Hafez, Naval Postgraduate School

What Trajectories Could Al Qaeda in Iraq Embark on       Given the Tightening Security Situation in Iraq?–   Lessons from Earlier Jihadi Movements.”


Thomas Hegghammer, Harvard University/ Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)

”Whatever Happened to the Liberation of the Two Holy Places? Al Qaeda’s Saudi failures.”


2:30 pm                     Counter-Radicalization: What Works?


                                Christopher Boucek, Carnegie Endowment

                                “The Saudi Case.”


                                Zachary Abuza, Simmons College

                                “Cases From Southeast Asia.”                                                               

                                Kenneth Ballen, President, Terror Free Tomorrow

                                “A Global Look at Deradicalization.”


3:45pm                      Counterterrorism and American Security


                                      Philip Mudd, National Security Branch, FBI

                                “Understanding the Threat Environment in the                                         United States.”


                                Marc Sageman, New York Police Department

                                “Leaderless Jihad and its Implications for US                                            Security.”  


Mitchell Silber, Intelligence Division’s Analytic and Cyber Units, New York Police        Department

                                “Radicalization in the West and its Implications                                         for America.”     


Ambassador Michael Sheehan, NYU Center on Law   and Security, former NYC Deputy Police       Commissioner

“Advice for the Next Administration.”