Friday, September, 07, 2018

DARPA D60 Symposium, Washington DC

About D60

D60 is a three-day Symposium hosted by DARPA in honor of its 60th Anniversary. The Symposium will highlight DARPA’s innovative approach to creating breakthrough technologies and capabilities from the Agency’s past, present, and future. DARPA’s mission requires a constant stream of novel ideas and contributions from innovators looking beyond what is possible now. D60 will provide attendees the opportunity to engage with up-and-coming innovators, along with some of today’s most creative and accomplished scientists and technologists, as they continue to provide these contributions. By sharing our record of innovative achievements over the past 60 years, DARPA aims to inspire attendees to explore future technologies, their potential application to tomorrow’s technical and societal challenges, and the dilemmas those applications may engender. D60 participants will have the opportunity to be a part of the new relationships, partnerships, and communities of interest that this event aims to foster, and advance dialogue on the pursuit of science in the national interest.

D60 will feature six Plenary Sessions focused on topics of broad import and interest as well as 30 themed Breakout Sessions that will enable participants to dive more deeply into particular topics of interest. An Exhibit Hall will feature displays from each of DARPA’s six technical offices, detailing a selection of programs that reflect the breadth of DARPA’s research portfolio as well as the range of its performer base. Visitors to the Exhibit Hall will also have the opportunity to view an extensive showcase of historical displays and artifacts with highlights from DARPA’s storied past.