Thursday, November, 10, 2016

Book Festival, MJCCA, Atlanta, Georgia

PETER BERGEN, United States of Jihad

In Conversation with Bill Nigut, Senior Executive Producer, Georgia Public Broadcasting

The recent tragic, ISIS-inspired attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, Orlando, and Nice provide fresh evidence that “homegrown” terrorism is a real and present danger. In United States of Jihad, CNN national security analyst and New York Times bestselling author Peter Bergen offers an unprecedented look at the factors that lead to the radicalization of American citizens and offers expert insights into the shape of the threat confronting us.

For more than two decades, Bergen has been our foremost chronicler of Islamist terrorism, through groundbreaking reporting on the Middle East, al-Qaeda, and homeland security. Based on a wealth of sources including a meticulously compiled database, counterterrorism theory, and interviews with the families of militants—and even militants themselves—Bergen exposes the forces that have led Anwar al-Awlaki, Samir Kahn, the Tsarnaev brothers, and so many others down the path to terrorism.

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