Thursday, November, 16, 2017

Domestic Terrorism & Mass Casualty Incident, Georgetown University

START experts to headline conference on domestic terrorism and mass casualty incidents

START experts to headline conference on domestic terrorism and mass casualty incidents
October 17, 2017Zane Moses

START experts, alongside federal, state and local authorities, will speak about the changing state of terrorism during an Insight Exchange Network conference at Georgetown University, Nov. 15-16. The conference, “Best Practices in Preparing for and Responding to Domestic Terrorism & Mass Casualty Incidents” will cover topics such as the steps in preparing for incident response, how to effectively partition state and federal resources, coping with the mental fallout resulting from incidents among other topics.

William Braniff, Kieran Quinlan and Patrick James will headline the START panel following a keynote address from Peter Bergen, a CNN national security analyst.

Law enforcement officials, terrorism analysts, homeland security professionals, community leaders and hospital coordinators are all encouraged to attend the event to learn how to change policy in response to the changing face of terrorism.

Those interested in attending can use the discount code “UMD15” for 15% off. For more information or to register click here.

Domestic Terrorism & Mass Casualty Incidents
Best Practices in Preparing and Responding
November 15-16, 2017
Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center Washington, DC
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Terrorism has changed: are you changing with it? Vehicle rammings, nightclub attacks, school shooters, the Boston Marathon attack…the list goes on. How can you best prepare for this new face of terrorism and mass casualty incidents? What do you need to know—both in terms of best-practice preparation and response? Insight Exchange Network’s conference brings together federal, state and local authorities, along with industry subject matter experts, in a unique discussion aimed at keeping our country safe—don’t miss it!