Wednesday, September, 26, 2018 Global SOF Symposium, Madrid, Spain

2018 Global SOF Symposium – Europe The 3rd Annual Global SOF Symposium – Europe will focus on the European, North African, and Latin American special operations communities and the shared issues they face. Join us on September 25-27, 2018 in Madrid, Spain for this unique opportunity. Symposium Highlights A packed agenda that includes high-ranking speakers […]

Friday, September, 07, 2018 DARPA D60 Symposium, Washington DC

About D60 D60 is a three-day Symposium hosted by DARPA in honor of its 60th Anniversary. The Symposium will highlight DARPA’s innovative approach to creating breakthrough technologies and capabilities from the Agency’s past, present, and future. DARPA’s mission requires a constant stream of novel ideas and contributions from innovators looking beyond what is possible now. […]

September 7, 2018 New America holds a discussion on a report titled “Al Qa’ida’s Contested Relationship With Iran: The View from Abottabad.” SECTION: DISCUSSION; ||IRAN/SECURITY|| Foreign Affairs LENGTH: 81 words TIME: 12:15 p.m. PARTICIPANTS: Nelly Lahoud, senior fellow at the New America International Security Program and author of “Iran and Al Qa’ida”; and Peter Bergen, […]

Speaker Graphic The inaugural Global SOF Foundation (GSF) Modern Warfare Symposium and Expo will bring together the special operations forces (SOF) community on August 21-23, 2018 in Fort Bragg’s Iron Mike Conference Center. Modern Warfare Symposium Co-sponsored by the U.S. Army Special Operations Forces Command (USASOC), the purpose of this event is to convene subject […]

The Beltway and the Ivory Tower: Bridging the Gap Event The gap between policy and academic research has bedeviled national security policy for years. What are the roots of this challenge and how can it be addressed? What kind of research do foreign policymakers want? How should we evaluate policy relevance and can it be […]

The Washington Daybook June 21, 2018 New America holds a book discussion on “Why Terrorist Groups Form International Alliances.” SECTION: BOOK DISCUSSION; ||STATE/SECURITY/BOOK|| Foreign Affairs LENGTH: 65 words TIME: 2 p.m. PARTICIPANTS: author Tricia Bacon, assistant professor at American University; and Peter Bergen, vice president of New America LOCATION: New America, 740 15th Street NW, […]

Counternarcotics: Lessons from the U.S. Experience in Afghanistan Event Afghanistan’s drug trade presents a vexing challenge for policy makers in what has become America’s longest war. Despite the U.S. spending approximately $8.6 billion on counternarcotics in Afghanistan since 2002, the country is the world’s largest opium producer and opium poppy is the country’s largest cash […]

From Revolution Muslim to Islamic State: The American Roots of ISIS’ Online Prowess Event ISIS has lost the vast majority of its territorial holdings in Syria and Iraq, yet attacks continue from France to Indonesia. Many have pointed to ISIS’ online capabilities as an explanation. However, little known is that ISIS’ online capabilities owe their […]

Countering Disinformation & Violent Extremism in the Digital Age Event Hostile governments looking to influence foreign elections. Terrorists and terrorist groups communicating with each other and sharing extremist content. Unwitting consumption of fake news. These are just some of the many threats to individuals’ safety, security and privacy across social-media and online platforms. As the […]

Iraq After ISIS: What to Do Now In 2017, the United States dealt ISIS a devastating blow eliminating its territorial holdings in Iraq and Syria. Iraq, which will hold national elections on May 12th, emerged out of the war against ISIS strong and in an increasingly positive mood. Yet as Iraq looks ahead to a […]