Thursday, May, 03, 2012

Hudson Union Society, Manhattan

Hudson Union Society addressed on the pursuit and killing of Osama bin Laden

Peter Bergen
Free event for members.  Join us for a special evening with one of the few people to ever have interviewed Osama bin Laden.It was only a week before 9/11 that Peter Bergen turned in the manuscript of Holy War, Inc., the story of Osama bin Laden—whom Bergen had once interviewed in a mud hut in Afghanistan—and his declaration of war on America. The book became a New York Times bestseller and the essential portrait of the most formidable terrorist enterprise of our time. Now, in Manhunt, Bergen picks up the thread with this taut yet panoramic account of the pursuit and killing of bin Laden.Bergen will provide riveting new details of bin Laden’s flight after the crushing defeat of the Taliban to Tora Bora, where American forces came startlingly close to capturing him; his grim, Spartan life in hiding; and his struggle to maintain control of al-Qaeda even as American drones systematically picked off his key lieutenants.Half a world away, CIA analysts haunted by the intelligence failures that led to 9/11 and the WMD fiasco pored over the tiniest of clues before homing in on the man they called “the Kuwaiti”—who led them to a peculiar building with twelve-foot-high walls and security cameras less than a mile from a Pakistani military academy. This was the courier who would unwittingly steer them to bin Laden, now a prisoner of his own making but still plotting to devastate the United States.

Bergen will take us inside the Situation Room, where President Obama considers the COAs (courses of action) presented by his war council and receives conflicting advice from his top advisors before deciding to risk the raid that would change history—and then inside the Joint Special Operations Command, whose “secret warriors,” the SEALs, would execute Operation Neptune Spear. From the moment two Black Hawks take off from Afghanistan until bin Laden utters his last words, Bergen’s account will sound like a thriller.

Bergen’s will provide a colorful evening based on exhaustive research and unprecedented access to White House officials, CIA analysts, Pakistani intelligence, and the military.

Regular Event
7:00 PM
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