Monday, November, 14, 2011

Kent State University at Stark, “Obama’s War”

Kent State University at Stark recently announced the speakers for its 21st season of the popular Featured Speakers Series.

The following information was provided by Kent Stark in a news release:

Each season, nearly 2,500 campus and community members take advantage of a rare opportunity to be introduced to national and international experts on a wide range of topics and issues that shape our society. The campus welcomes public education reformist Michelle Rhee; award-winning journalist Peter Bergen; children’s show host and scientist Bill Nye; and memory champion and author Joshua Foer.

Each program will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the University Center’s Timken Great Hall, located at 6000 Frank Ave. NW in Jackson Township. 


Peter Bergen is an internationally renowned print and TV journalist, an award-winning film producer and the best-selling author of The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict between America and Al-Qaeda. He has worked as a correspondent for National Geographic Television, Discovery Television and CNN. While at CNN, he produced Osama bin Laden’s first television interview, marking the first time he declared war against the United States to the Western audience. As one of the foremost authorities on the war on terrorism, Bergen has reported on al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, homeland security and threats in Mid-Eastern countries for numerous newspapers, magazines and broadcasting stations, in addition to testifying before several congressional committees. Tickets for the Peter Bergen event will be available beginning Oct. 24 at the Main Hall Information Desk.