Thursday, September, 01, 2011

Pakistan and the United States At a Strategic Crossroads


Pakistan and the United States

At a Strategic Crossraods

Please join Peter Bergen of the New America Foundation National Security Studies Program and Michael J. Mazarr of the National War College for a presentation of the findings of the NAF/NWC Pakistan Study Group. The Study Group, comprised of American and Pakistani experts, came together to devise practical ways to advance the U.S.-Pakistan relationship at a time when relations between the two countries are at possibly their most strained.

aAt 11a to 1230p


Featured speakers
Peter Bergen
Director, National Security Studies Program
New America Foundation

Michael J. Mazarr
Professor of National Security Strategy
National War College

Mohsin S. Khan
Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Former Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department, International Monetary Fund

His Excellency Touqir Hussain
Former Ambassador of Pakistan to Brazil, Spain, and Japan
Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

… and additional members of the NAF/NWC Study Group