Tuesday, December, 17, 2019

“Trump and his Generals” Book event, Fordham University, NYC

Trump and His Generals: The Cost of Chaos
A Book Talk with Author Peter Bergen
Tuesday, December 17th, 2019


McNally Amphitheater, Fordham Lincoln Center, 140 W 62nd St

Peter Bergen is a journalist, documentary producer, vice president for global studies & fellows at New America, CNN national security analyst, professor of practice at Arizona State University where he co-directs the Center on the Future of War, and the author or editor of eight books, three of which were New York Times bestsellers and four of which were named among the best non-fiction books of the year by The Washington Post. The books have been translated into twenty-one languages. Documentaries based on his books have been nominated for two Emmys and also won the Emmy for best documentary.

Bergen is New America’s director of the International Security and Future of War programs. He writes a weekly column for CNN.com and is a member of the Aspen Homeland Security Group and a fellow at Fordham Law’s Center on National Security. Bergen is on the editorial board of Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, a leading scholarly journal in the field. He has testified on Capitol Hill eighteen times about national security issues.