Monday, March, 07, 2016

“United States of Jihad” UCLA Burkle Center, Los Angeles


“United States of Jihad: Investigating America’s Homegrown Terrorists”

"United States of Jihad: Investigating America

With author Peter Bergen

Monday, March 07, 2016
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
UCLA School of Law, Room 1357
Los Angeles, CA 90095



PETER BERGEN is a print, television and web journalist, documentary producer, think tank director, and the author of four books, three of which were New York Times bestsellers and three of which were named among the non-fiction books of the year by the Washington Post. The books have been translated into twenty languages and have been turned into three documentaries, two of which were nominated for Emmys and one of which won an Emmy.

He is Vice President, Director of the Fellows Programs and the International Security Program at New America in Washington D.C.; Professor of Practice at the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University where he is the co-director of the Center on the Future of War; CNN’s national security analyst and a fellow at Fordham University’s Center on National Security. His most recent book, a New York Times bestseller, is Manhunt: The Ten Year Search for Bin Laden, from 9/11 to Abbottabad. The book was translated into eight languages and HBO produced a documentary based upon it.



United States of Jihad: Investigating America’s Homegrown Terrorists

A riveting, panoramic look at “homegrown” Islamist terrorism, from 9/11 to the present

Since 9/11, more than three hundred Americans—born and raised in Minnesota, Alabama, New Jersey, and elsewhere—have been indicted or convicted of terrorism charges. Some have taken the fight abroad: an American was among those who planned the attacks in Mumbai, and more than eighty US citizens have sought to join ISIS. Others have acted on American soil, as with the attacks at Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, and in San Bernardino. What motivates them, how are they trained, and what do we sacrifice in our efforts to track them?