Thursday, November, 07, 2019

What Now for Britain? New America, DC

What Now for Britain?


On November 7th, join New America’s International Security Program and Political Reform Program to analyze and reflect on the latest Brexit chapter.

The deadline for the UK’s departure from the EU was extended to October 31st, after then British prime minister, Theresa May, failed to get her proposed deal through the UK Parliament in March. The appointment of Boris Johnson as prime minister in July brought renewed hope for Brexit supporters. In the days after this latest Brexit deadline, seemingly immovable obstacles remain and the path forward remains unclear. What does the political landscape hold for the UK and its EU neighbors? What will happen next and what do we need to unpick and understand to make sense of the coming weeks?

Introductory Remarks:

Shane Greer
Joint-Chair UK Conservatives Abroad, Washington D.C.


Ryan Bourne
R. Evan Scharf Chair for the Public Understanding of Economics at Cato Institute

Mehdi Hasan
Senior Contributor at The Intercept (TI) and host of TI’s Deconstructed podcast

Emer Rocke
Ireland’s Deputy Head of Mission to the United States, and former Director British-Irish Relations

Amanda Sloat
Robert Bosch Senior Fellow – Foreign Policy, Center on the United States and Europe, Brookings


Peter Bergen
Vice President of Global Studies and Fellows, New America