It’s not often that history affords one the opportunity to run a grand experiment, but with the present war in Iraq, Bush administration officials are planning to run what may be the greatest historical experiment since the rebuilding of Europe after World War II. That’s because this war is not only about removing a nasty dictator who flouts U.N. resolutions and happens to be sitting on the second-largest oil reserves in the world; it is also about remaking the Middle East in our democratic image. At least that is the hope of the neoconservative thinkers who are the intellectual authors of Bush administration policy in the Middle East.

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I think one place that we have to look next is Bangladesh, which, so far, has remained off most people?s radar screens. It?s a large Muslim country, it?s a very poor country, and there are a lot of militant Islamists there.

There is speculation about this, there is concern about this, but I will tell you that we do not have definitive information or intelligence suggesting that al Qaeda is reforming in Bangladesh.

This documentary first aired o the Discovery/Times channel on March 25, 2003
Targeting the Americans and the Jews by killing them in any corner of the earth is the greatest of obligations and the most excellent way of gaining nearness to Allah.

We’re after them from, you know, the north pole to the south pole, there’s no place to go, no place to run Narration: The war on terror has scattered their ranks?

Their tones may differ, but in each of three documentaries about the roots of 9/11 and its aftermath in the Muslim world there is one truly terrifying moment.

In “Al Qaeda 2.0,” which will be shown tonight with “Terror’s Children” on the new Discovery Times Channel and includes dramatic scenes of suspected Al Qaeda terrorists being hunted down in the caves of Afghanistan and the slums of Karachi, Pakistan, Dr. Saad al-Fagih, a leading Saudi dissident, says, “There is an impending attack coming, and this attack is immense, huge and either as big or even bigger than Sept. 11, and this attack is full of surprise.”

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2003 Orlando Sentinel on al Qaeda 2.0

In becoming a television network tonight, The New York Times isn’t delivering all the news that’s fit to air.

Rather, it’s launching the Discovery Times Channel with two striking documentaries. At 8, the excellent Al Qaeda 2.0 examines the terrorist group’s move to the Internet. At 9, the wrenching Terror’s Children profiles Afghan youngsters who struggle in Pakistan refugee camps.

Wednesday, Mar 05, 2003 NBC News, Katie Couric, Re Al Qaeda 2.0

With the arrests of top al-Qaeda leader Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and one of his money men, US officials are hoping to gain important intelligence into future attacks planned by al-Qaeda operatives. Peter Bergen is the producer and host of “Al Qaeda 2.0,” a one-hour documentary on what the world might expect from al-Qaeda in the future.

Sunday, Mar 02, 2003 Arrest Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) — A man believed to be the key planner of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks — and linked to nearly every al Qaeda attack in the past five years — was in U.S. custody Sunday after he was captured in Pakistan.

Sunday, Mar 02, 2003 More on KSM arrest, CNN

HEIDI COLLINS, CNN ANCHOR: Let’s go ahead and get some “Insight & Input” now into what the arrest of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed means.

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Thursday, Feb 13, 2003 Timing of new OBL tape

PAULA ZAHN, CNN ANCHOR: The tape which U.S. officials believe was recorded by Osama bin Laden. Among the many questions posed by the new terror tape, is there any meaning in the timing of its release? Could it mean an attack might be close at hand?